Mechelec Patent News

In what has been a tough period for everyone, Mechelec has faced a number of challanges. However one bright spot is that we have received our UK patent for our Trolley Packer. This means we have both a US and UK patent.
We have also managed to complete the manufature and installation of our next generation of Trolley Packer, handling shrink wrapped product into 5 tier TETS.
Follow the link below to see our Trolley Packer in action before it left our factory.

Trolley Packer In Full Production

Our TP1002 Trolley Packer has been in full production since January.

Watch the time lapse video to see it in action.

MECHELEC unveils new trolley packer

Bedfordshire-based MECHELEC AUTOMATiON has developed a revolutionary new trolley collation and packing system for the dairy industry. The TP1002 Trolley Packer is designed to provide fully automated, cost-effective trolley loading, at faster operating speeds than current systems.


The TP1002 is intended for use in both major and provincial dairies, offering flexible throughput for NIS, INFINI and ECO dairy bottles. It uses a robotic arm to quickly and efficiently load two static trolleys simultaneously, offering double the packing speed of conventional systems from a comparable footprint. This elegant solution eliminates the need to manipulate trolleys, avoiding the common compatibility issues arising from differing designs or damaged trolleys. The simplicity and open construction of the robotic system also allows easier access and maintenance, as well as faster switching between bottle sizes and product streams, e.g. shrink-wrapped products.  


John Salisbury, Director at MECHELEC, commented: “This innovative solution is a direct result of many years of industry experience across the food and beverage and dairy industries. By identifying the major issues affecting mechanised trolley packing, we have been able to develop a novel solution which is well suited to dairies large and small, providing a robust and cost-effective alternative to conventional options.”


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North of the border

A team from MECHELEC AUTOMATiON recently headed to Scotland to retrofit stripper arrangements at the northernmost plant of the UK’s premium HDPE milk bottle supplier. The team spent a week fitting MECHELEC’s own MA-ST-100 stripper arrangements to six de-baggers to offer smooth handling of various lightweight Eco bottles.


The customer chose MECHELEC’s elegant solution to replace its existing highly mechanised stripper arrangements due to its minimal number of moving parts, helping to reduce downtime and maintenance costs. Usually supplied as part of MECHELEC’S fully or semi-automated de-bagging machines, the MA-ST-100 can be retrofitted to any de-bagger, and uses servo technology to ensure accurate stop/start positioning and smooth acceleration and deceleration.


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