About Us

MECHELEC AUTOMATiON works at the epicentre of industrial automation globally, bringing together mechanical, electrical and software expertise to deliver efficient and innovative solutions for customers across a wide range of sectors.

Our highly knowledgeable team has extensive experience across a wide range of industries – including the food and beverage and end-of-line packaging sectors – and can take you from design and manufacturing to installation, commissioning and maintenance. We also offer consultancy, project management and process improvement services, helping you to make the most of your existing resources and ensure cost-effective production.

MECHELEC’s approach to any project is the same – we focus on safety, quality and reliability. Combining market-leading products with our own bespoke solutions and software architecture, we create efficient and inventive solutions that will enhance your business processes and help you to grow.

To find out more about how MECHELEC AUTOMATiON can help your business, please contact us.